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Engineering Circuit Analysis by William H. Hayt Jr.

The concept is followed by a frequency response and Bode plot. The Fourier transformation closes the book.

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Hayt, Jack Kemmerly, Steven M. Durbin Michael has got his undergraduate degree in from a reputable university securing high grads.

Engineering Circuit Analysis

He is now working as a professional engineer for an internationally recognized organization as well as he is pursuing his master degree. His keen interests include Electronics, Electrical, Power Engineering. Use of Symbols: The Engineering Circuit Analysis book is using symbolic representation and color printing for a good learning experience. Use of Software: The computer-based software like PSpice and Matlab is used while solving circuit analysis problems.


Book Organization: The author William Hart Hayt, first of all, introduce the basic technique of circuit analysis. Students Explore course materials to meet your study needs.

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03 - What is Ohm's Law in Circuit Analysis?

A specific symbol identifies the computer-aided problem. The author William Hart Hayt, first of all, introduce the basic technique of circuit analysis. Then circuit simplification techniques are explained, like, source transformation, star-delta transformation, maximum power transfer theorem and Thevenin and Norton Theorem. Secondly, the author Hayt start with Operational Amplifier with simple circuits like comparators and instrumentation amplifier.

Fourthly, the concept of Alternating current is emphasized, starting with force and natural response, phasors, superposition, and source transformation in AC is explained.

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Then the power perspective of AC circuit is discussed, introducing actual, apparent and reactive powers. Fifthly, the polyphase system is discussed starting with different connection types, power measurement in a polyphase system and the uses of a transformer in AC circuits. Finally, Laplace transformation, s-Domain, poles and zeros, transfer-function comes up. The concept is followed by a frequency response and Bode plot.